This Adorable Corgi Refuses To Go Down The Stairs! (And It Couldn’t Be Cuter!)

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This adorable Corgi pup has no desire to learn how to go down stairs. Well, that was until his human came up with a sneaky idea. This pup loves his toy very much, so his human decided that she would make the toy fall down the stairs! GASP!!! Oh, No! What is this pup to do?!?! Just look at how baffled he is! His eyes are wide in shock and he looks so sad at his lack of toy. I just want to kiss his furry head and cuddle him! Eventually, he will get the hang of the stair, but for now he just needs to worry about having some puppy fun… and getting his owner to retrieve his long lost toy, lol! Serves her right, she was the one to drop it after all 🙂

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