This Corgi Refuses To Be Without His Stuffed Toy No Matter What Stands Between Them!

Growing up as a little kid, I had a stuffed bear that I would never go anywhere without. I took him to the store, to sleepovers, to the dinner table, and of course slept with him every night. I’m sure all of us had something at one point or another that we never wanted to give up. This little Corgi, named Cooper, has a plush toy, “baby,” that he refuses to be without.

When a door came between them, he didn’t let that stop him from being with his baby. Although the door was separating them, he still knew his baby was right there on the other side. You wouldn’t think this stuffed animal could possibly fit through the tiny space under the door, but this desperate Corgi somehow makes it happen! He grabs the tail of it and beings pulling it under the door. After a few seconds, he pulls the whole thing through. His human opens the door and you see his adorable little face look up with his baby in his mouth. I bet that’s the last time he lets his toy leave his sight!

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