Security Camera Detects a “Package” Every Time This Corgi Comes into View

A Corgi is one of the most well-loved dog breeds in the world — even Queen Elizabeth II was captivated by them. Their cute physical traits and loving personality make them the ideal pets for many people. A Corgi can effortlessly give happiness — their playful demeanor is a total heart stealer.

Corgis have remarkable physical traits. Their adorable butts are quite noticeable — especially when they wiggle as they walk. Moreover, a corgi’s short and stout stature makes the dog even fluffier. You just can’t help but want to cuddle with these dogs when you see one.

Corgis have a different charm. There’s no doubt that many people want to adopt a Corgi — they’ll surely be a loving companion.

Due to the Corgi’s physical traits, they are sometimes compared to other objects. People even share pictures of their pet Corgi looking like a loaf of bread. They wonderfully transform into a loaf of bread when they hide their legs under their bellies. Sometimes, Corgis are edited as memes, and the loaf of bread joke is commonly known to all corgi lovers. These dogs really light up the internet. With all the loaf jokes, you’ll think of a Corgi whenever you see bread.

Surprisingly, a loaf of bread isn’t the only item a Corgi can be seen as. On Instagram, a pet parent shared a video of their security camera at home detecting their Corgi, Bambi, as another object.

Funnily, the dog was detected as a delivery package. If you look at it again, Bambi’s fur color can be closely compared to a parcel. The Instagram reel was uploaded with the caption “The whole package” and has already earned 8k views. It comes with a text on the video that says, “She’s a ten, but the Ring camera always detects her as a package.” The security camera would really mistake her for a package, because when she stays still with legs under her belly, Bambi turns into a rectangular-shaped object. If that’s the parcel you’ll receive, you shouldn’t think twice before accepting it.

Aside from the security camera video, Bambi has a lot of adorable content on her Instagram page. As stated on her Instagram bio, she wants to be friends — Bambi will surely brighten your day. Follow her now to add sunshine and fluff to your timeline. Bambi will instantly deliver happiness just by seeing her on your phone screen.

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