Corgi Puppy Gets Into A ‘Fight’ With A Pumpkin

Puppies are beyond adorable. They get into lots of trouble. It’s part of their charm – you just can’t keep their curiosity down for more than a few minutes. And it’s this natural curiosity that makes for adorable video outtakes.

Given that it’s coming up to pumpkin season, most of us are getting our decorations out and wanting to bring a little autumn charm to our homes in the face of 2020.

While Maya’s owner was busy decorating, the little corgi was doing her normal puppy thing and getting into the spirit of the season. She was in the middle of the sniffing around when she crossed paths with a pumpkin.

It was Maya’s first time ever seeing a pumpkin, so it was only natural that she wasn’t sure what to do. The only problem was that she mistook the orange gourd for a threat.

The little puppy wasn’t about to back down from this orange foe. Maya showed that she was willing to take on her opponent, and she did so with such bravery.

The little puppy was very proactive in her attack of the pumpkin, and the video is one that definitely brings a smile to your face.

Check out Maya’s big fight in the video below:

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