Short-legged Corgi Has Trouble Getting Up Stairs, So Dad Builds Him His Own Elevator

This article originally appeared at Goodfullness.

Many people consider their dogs their best friends – and for good reason! For just kibble and shelter, our furry companions shower us with love, loyalty and affection. Most of us feel naturally compelled to return the favor.

Over in Japan, one man has taken his canine commitments to to the next level by installing a dog-sized elevator to help his Corgi navigate stairs. The breed’s very short legs make it difficult for them to climb. Apparently, this poor dog was having a great deal of trouble getting around his own home.


Fortunately, the dog’s human family came up with a creative solution to this matter. Since installing a custom elevator inside of their house, the dog can easily move between levels. Now we have seen it all!

This contraption isn’t big enough for humans — or even bigger dogs – but it’s certainly been useful in helping this pooch maneuver in his dwelling. Would you ever consider installing an in-home elevator for your dog? Why or why not?


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