Seems Like This Oh-So-Cute Corgi Can Never Be Pet Too Much! Gotta Love What He Does When She Stops!

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Life as a dog is pretty sweet. You get to enjoy belly rubs, walks with your favorite human in the world on the regular, extra big bones around holiday season, and you can wag your tail to your heart’s content. However, sometimes it’s just not enough.

This adorable corgi knows exactly what I’m talking about! Is it so much to ask to be pet constantly?? I mean, as one of the cutest corgis in the world (Dare I say cutest??), that’s not asking too much of a human, right?! When being as cute as usual doesn’t work out to get his owner to constantly pet him, this pup busts out those adorable puppy eyes around :15 seconds in and it definitely does the trick! He gets all the pets he could ever want and his huge smile clearly shows he’s happy about it!!

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