Dog Lovers Can Now Get Leggings With Corgi Butts

No more need to go to a gym and tell the trainers there that you want a booty like a Corgi. Now, you can get the Corgi Butt in its full effect by just wearing pants.

Corgi Butt Pants are now a thing, and they were designed by Joreel Siegel-Benniks, who was inspired by her very own Corgi, Nugget. Siegel-Benniks opened up her own online store where she sells Corgi products to Corgi addicts.

Siegel-Benniks wrote on her shop, “I’m a Corgi mum who has fallen head over heels with this breed, and especially with our own little Corgi girl: Princess Nugget.”

Her shop is filled with other Corgi products such as mugs, tote bags, pillows, onesies. But now, there are even Corgi butt pants.

Siegel-Benniks’s Corgi, Nugget, is a 1-year-old Corgi from Paris, France. This year, she will be celebrating her 2-year birthday on May 5th.

Nugget even has her own Instagram if you want to catch up on her daily adventures.

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