A Fearless Corgi Adorably Struggles In An Attempt To Conquer The Stairs! The Result? Cuteness With A Capital C!

Thanks to hundreds of years of breeding, there are quite a few dog breeds you can choose from when selecting which pup would be the best fit for your family. I tend to like the breeds that stand out because of their interesting physical traits. Whether it’s the pug’s scrunched snout, boxer’s missing tails, or corgi puppy’s short legs, all of these breeds are known for their unique and lovable physical characteristics that set them apart from other dogs. However, there are times when these very traits cause the dogs some hardships, like what this adorable corgi pup experiences.

This fearless corgi puppy is ready to conquer the yet undefeated champ of the house: the stairs. The way the little guy is determined to get up the first step is so cute you can’t help but smile!! I wish I could reach my hands right into the video and help the little guy up! But I know he’ll grow into his short legs soon and, when that day comes, the stairs won’t know what hit them!

Source: Corgi puppy adorably struggles to climb staircase by makowsma on Rumble

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