Corduroy Is The World’s Oldest Living Cat… Go Ahead, GUESS His Age!

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This cute feline, named Corduroy, was crowned with the Guinness World Record of being the oldest living cat, at 26 years old!! Born on August 1, 1989, Corduroy has lived with his owner Ashley Reed Okura, of Sisters, Oregon, since she was just seven years old and he was a tiny kitten! Okura bought her precious cat a mouse to celebrate.

She said the secret to his long life is “allowing him to be a cat: hunting and getting plenty of love.” He grew up on 160 acres in Oregon, so he was able to roam the ranch freely and get plenty of exercise. Prior to Corduroy, the oldest living cat was Tiffany Two, who passed away at age 27. The oldest cat on record is Crème Puff, of Austin, Texas, who lived until she was 38!! Watch the video about Corduroy below, along with some other Kitty Guinness World Record holders!

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