She Was Neglected And Spent Years Chained Up Outside. Now, She Is FINALLY Free And Has A Loving Forever Home!

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Cora was only six months old when PETA fieldworkers saw her chained up outside. Her owners at the time kept her chained up 24/7 without food or water. Instead of hooking the chain to the collar, they put the chain directly around her neck and it began to embed into her skin and give her an infection. PETA got her spayed and checked on her for many years to make sure she got the food and water that she needed. But the family then disappeared, taking Cora and the rest of their dogs with them.

A few months later, a PETA worker came across dogs chained up, Cora being one of them! PETA did what they could to get custody of this poor pup so that they could save her life, and they did! They helped heal the infection on her neck, and gave her the care and love that she deserves. The worker who rescued her fostered her for a while until she found her a furever home. Her new mom lost her furry best friend, but now has the opportunity to make a new one! I’m so happy that Cora is now with a loving family instead of being neglected and chained up!

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