She Puts A Cookie By A Sleeping Pig. Just Wait Until You See What Happens!

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I am a very, very deep sleeper. It takes me a while to fall asleep, but once I’m asleep, nothing can wake me up. And I mean NOTHING! Unless, of course, it’s food. Which I think is something this cute piggy and I have in common! This piggy, named Phoebe, is sound asleep snuggled under the covers. The only thing sticking out from under the covers is her cute nose. She definitely doesn’t look like she’s waking up any time soon.

Wrong! Her human places a scrumptious cookie on the bed by her nose. After a few seconds, you see her start to scrunch her nose. She’s probably unsure if there’s something delicious in front of her or if she’s just dreaming. After a bit of sniffing, she finally decides that this in fact is not a dream and that there really is something yummy in front of her. She stays under the covers, but starts inching her way toward the cookie. Then she keeps trying to grab it, and after a few unsuccessful attempts, she finally gets it in her mouth. Then she chomps and chews on it for a while and seems to really be enjoying it. I guess that was worth waking up for! Then her human gave her another treat for the inconvenience of being woken up.

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