This Compilation Of Dogs In The Snow Will Leave You Smiling Until Spring!

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It’s just about that time of the year again; the time some of us absolutely love and some of us extremely despise: winter. Snow can be so beautiful and fun, yet so inconvenient. Some of us are waiting for our first snowfall, while others have already gotten many inches, and some will never get any! Just like people, different dogs have differing opinions about the snow. In this compilation of dogs in the snow, some have a blast playing in it, while others are not too fond of it. But the one thing that all the clips have in common…they will all make you smile from ear to ear!

From doing backflips in the snow, to sliding around in it, to sledding with their humans, these dogs are all adorable and hilarious! Several of them flip around as their humans shovel loads of snow at them. Some slide down icy hills and don’t know how to stop themselves, while others slide on purpose. A few are very confused as to how to walk on this weird slimy new ground. One dives into a mound of snow and gets completely lost in it. And the best one of all is the ending clip; At first you just see plain snow, until the owner begins to call out the dog’s name and the dog pops his head out from under the snow with the most serious look on his face. I wonder what he was doing under there! These videos were hysterical to say the least!

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