Community Rallies To Help Soldier Bring Rescued Cat Back Home From Afghanistan

It wasn’t until his fifth tour (and third trip to Afghanistan) that Staff Sergeant Dan Brissey met Sully, an Afghan kitten sunning herself on a fragment of concrete wall. The military veteran is allergic to cats, but still felt himself drawn to the war-weary stray.

Apparently, the feeling was mutual.

“None of these kittens had ever allowed me to be close enough to pet them, they would just run away but Sully warmed right up to me and even let me pick her up!” Brissey wrote on Nowzad, a non-profit organization created to help soldiers adopt homeless cats and dogs from active war zones.

Photo: Nowzad

That brief interaction marked the beginning of a beautiful friendship. “From that day we became the best of friends and I always look forward to seeing her on my lunch break,” Brissey wrote. “It makes the deployment days a little better when you have a furry little buddy to spend some time with.”

But when Brissey’s fifth tour was finally over, the sergeant was faced with an impossible choice. He didn’t want to leave the cat behind, but it would cost $3000 to get Sully into the United States.

“I want to adopt Sully and give her the forever home she needs but I need some help!” Brissey wrote on the fundraising website, which is named for the Afghanistan town where its founding member, a former Royal Marines commando, rescued an abandoned dog.

Photo: Nowzad

But the Internet listened. Within days, the sergeant had exceeded his $3000 goal.

“Last night when I went to sleep, finally it was at $2,256. Then I got up 4 hours later and it was $3,184,” Brissey told Stars and Stripes. Any excess funds will help support the Nowzad shelter where Sully was vaccinated, spayed, and chipped. (Click here if you’d like to make a donation.)

Photo: Nowzad

Meanwhile, Sully is quickly adapting to her new life of comfort, which will soon include a safe, loving home with her devoted Cat Dad back in the United States. “Sully is “very sweet; she likes to he held,” Brissey said. She “loves human contact. She has a real soft meow, very lovable kitty.”

Congratulations, Sully, on finding your new forever home!

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