Swept Up By A Tornado, This Colt Was Pinned By Debris! His Hero… A Storm Chaser!

Jason Weingart loves to chase storms. He, along with his wife, Savannah, and friend, Matt, were out chasing the tornado that had been set to hit Canton, Texas near the end of April 2017. They followed the storm’s path and watched as the tornado touched ground not far from where they had been standing. After the storm had cleared, the trio was driving along a road to see what type of damage that the destructive storm had caused when they saw a woman struggling and screaming for help. They pulled over, got out of their car, and immediately rushed to the woman’s aid.

When Jason got closer he noticed something unusual. Various types of animals, such as camels and zebras, were congregated on the woman’s property and were roaming around the rubble. It turns out that the woman they pulled over to help, Sally Knox, owns a farm that cares for carious different exotic animals. And despite seeming a bit confused, her animals, for the most part, were fine. As Sally and Jason were making their way across the rubble that was originally Sally’s home, they noticed that one of Sally’s young colts was stuck under a wire fence that had fallen down. The colt was only a few months old and they believe that he was carried across the property by the severe winds. Wanting to free the colt as fast as he could, Jason immediately set to work. Jason gently grabbed the colt’s hind legs and maneuvered him out from under the fence and debris that had pinned him. Thankfully, it didn’t take long to free the colt and after some prodding and a bit of help, the colt got back to his feet and trotted off safely! And it is all thanks to Jason’s quick thinking!

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