Cole And Marmalade Have The PURRFECT Recipe To Keep Cool During Summer!

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Summer is definitely a brutal time of year for our furry companions. The heat associated with summer plus the coats of our animal counterparts makes for some very hot cats and dogs. So how do we, as responsible and loving owners, combat the summer heat for our furtastic friends? The answer is simple, we do everything in our powers to make them cool. We have the groomers cut their coats a little shorter, we take our pups to the beach or the pool for a swim, we keep the ac on for our cats, and for an extra treat we give them cool and refreshing ice cream… wait, what?

Yes, we give them ice cream and no it’s not real ice cream.  It’s really more like an ice. Now I have seen various frozen treat products for dogs in every supermarket I’ve ever stepped foot in (I’ve even seen them sold on an ice cream truck), but unfortunately I have never seen these refreshing ices made for cats. But alas, this is what the internet is for.

Thanks to Chris Poole (the human behind Cole and Marmalade) we now have two purfectly easy to follow recipes to make frozen treats for our cool cats. And really, what better way is there to keep cool during summer than eating ice cream?

FDA WARNING: Stop Feeding A+ Beef Formula Dog Food: Click “Next” below!

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