Cody The Lab Is Going For A Swim. What He Does Next, LOL!

Cody, the two-year-old yellow Labrador Retriever, decided to cool off in the pool on a hot summer day in Pennsylvania. Usually dogs do the typical doggy paddle, but once Cody realized he could reach the bottom in the shallow end, his doggy paddling days were behind him.

Watch in the video below as Cody stands on his hind legs and gracefully walks through the pool. He might look a little shocked that he can stand up in the pool, but Cody’s owner said he loves being in it. “[He] loves me to throw his toy to the pool so he can fetch it,” his human, Tina Conrad, told the Huffington Post. “He can jump from the diving board on command and shake the water off on command, too.”

Check out Cody’s Instagram page for more pictures and videos.

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