Officer Wades Into Swampy Lake To Rescue Stranded Boxer’s Life

Cody is grateful, and who can blame him?

The dog found himself trapped in a swamp in central Florida, and no amount of howling seemed to bring help.

Until Deputy Matt Patellis arrived.

According to WFLA, Patellis took off his uniform and waded through the swamp. When he reached Cody, he managed to calm the dog down, though even he understood that alligators could be lurking close by.

Thankfully, both Cody and Patellis emerged from the swamp without incident.

“They both need showers but everyone is back home safe thanks to the deputy going above and beyond the call of duty by going into the small lake,” the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office posted on Twitter.

Cody is happy, healthy, and back in the arms of his owner, where there’s plenty of dry land.

Watch the exciting rescue below!

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