This Lab Can Hardly Contain His Excitement While His Family Sings Happy Birthday To Him!

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This adorable chocolate lab, Dakota, is SO excited about his birthday. He stands before a big bone-shaped cake while his family sings happy birthday to him. He wags his tail, hops around and cries in excitement. He looks so adorable in his birthday hat and the happy look on his face is priceless and warms my heart! Hopefully he got to have a piece of that yummy cake!

His owner originally posted the video on Tumblr writing: β€œHe loves it when we set fire to food and then sing about it. Happy birthday, to a good old dog.” Dakota turned 9 years old on November 17. I hope Dakota gets to celebrate many, many more birthdays, because clearly, he loves them! This pup is thankful to celebrate another healthy year on earth. Maybe we should all take a lesson or two from him!

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