Cody Didn’t Have Long To Live, But Burger King Made Sure The Boxer Mix Fully Enjoyed His Last Days

Cody’s 10th birthday was a very important one. As he was recently diagnosed with serious bone cancer, it could also be his last.

The Boxer Labrador mix had a good life up until that point. Adopted by owner Lynn Morris at just 8 months old, and now nearing the end of his life, he was surrounded by loving family and friends who were intent on filling his last days with love and comfort.

“He’s such a loyal dog. We call him ‘our old gentleman’ because of how he looks out for us,” Lynn told WTOL. “He’s the ideal companion.”

A local Burger King wanted to help him out, too.

One of Cody’s favorite foods was a plain hamburger with cheese from Burger King. After one of the cashiers noticed Morris ordered them regularly, they asked, why? Most humans enjoy a little ketchup and mustard with their burger, sometimes even pickle or onion.

Source: Wikimedia Commons Cody's favorite food, Burger King hamburgers.

Source: Wikimedia Commons
Cody’s favorite food, Burger King hamburgers.

Cody preferred them plain, occasionally with cheese, and that’s how Burger King made them. And made them, and made them. The restaurant chain offered Cody free cheeseburgers for life when they heard about their favorite furry customer’s diagnosis.

Source: YouTube/Joann D. Snyder Cody spent his last days being treated like a king.

Source: YouTube/Joann D. Snyder
Cody spent his last days being treated like a king.

“I thought, ‘If I were a dog, what would be on my bucket list?'” Morris asked.

A lifetime of cheeseburgers, or course.

With just a few months to live, Cody was treated like a king, a Burger King, that is.

“We are very proud of our employees,” CEO Jimmy Harmon of Bennett Management Corporation, and owner of the BK franchise Cody frequented, wrote in a statement. “We were also very touched by the story and have sympathy for the family and their dog in these tough times.”

Cody and family were beyond grateful for the outpouring of support, and Lynn was especially thankful for the opportunity to adopt and care for a shelter pet while she could.

“They turn out to be the best companions,” she said.

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