Cockatoo Helps Her Humans Out With Chores Around The House

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Harley the cockatoo isn’t your normal pet bird. The video below shows just how intelligent she really is. After a relaxing European vacation with her human family, the loyal pet is eager to help out with chores. You won’t believe your eyes after you see what she can do.

That’s right, a bird that helps with the laundry! Harley isn’t the only cockatoo that does incredible things like this. In fact, cockatoos are known to be extremely intelligent creatures and have to be given the opportunities for plenty of stimulation, like games and toys. Cockatoos get easily bored and can get stressed out without enough interaction. To a human, laundry is just a chore, but to Harley this is an extremely fun game.

Sure, laundry at his household takes a little longer to do, but it seems much more entertaining than doing it yourself!

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