The Coast Guard Dove Into Icy Water To Save This Pup. The Ending Was Nail Biting!

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It is the Coast Guard’s job to defend America’s borders and protect the maritime environment. But that isn’t the only thing they’re protecting. These Coast Guard members happened to look out a window and see a yellow Labrador jump into Lake Betsie in Frankfort, Michigan. Without hesitation, the ice rescue crew jumped right in to save this dog’s life.

The rescue took 20 minutes and was exhausting and difficult as they struggled to get through the freezing water, which had heavy chunks and plates of ice all around. The dog was shaken up and shivering, but thankfully they were able to pull her to safety. She was then brought to a local shelter where she was examined and cared for. Eventually, they found the owner who said the dog went missing early in the morning. She apparently traveled eight miles from home before getting stuck in the lake. Thankfully these guys saved her life!

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