Clingy Cat Doesn’t Want to Let Go of Momma’s Hand in a Heartwarming Video

Being loved by an animal is truly a heartwarming experience. They genuinely express their affection in special ways. A language barrier might exist, but animals will surely let you know about their feelings through their actions. That’s why a lot of people take pets under their care. Animals are immensely good for the soul, and they make the house feel homier. They will love your presence so much that it makes you feel special. If they could, dogs would accompany you to school or work. Cats might even go everywhere their humans go — you are not the only one who has built an attachment to them. They can be very clingy, which is proven when they wait for you outside of the bathroom. It’s the combination of affection and ensuring that you are always safe.

Photo: Reddit/pmaig

Moreover, humans aren’t the only ones that need pets for emotional support — it works vice versa. You make their hearts happy simply with your presence. That is what makes their affection most touching — your existence alone is already significant to them. A Reddit video has shown that side of pets, specifically a cat. Felines are often deemed aloof and uncaring. But it’s only because they don’t show their soft side to their humans most of the time. In pmaig’s post, a cat was lounging with its human mom on the couch. They were holding hands, and you’d think that the mom was the clingy one. Interestingly, when she tried to unclasp their hands, the cat tried to hold her again.

Photo: Reddit/pmaig

It was indeed a heart-melting video — the precious cat loves her mom so much. Due to the clingy behavior, the short clip was posted with the caption, “I guess I can sit here a little longer.” OP’s post became a rich source of serotonin for netizens; the video gained 5.4k upvotes. Redditors couldn’t stop gushing over the adorable cat and human interaction. “My cat does this too. Melts my heart every time. Your cat is obviously much loved and very happy,” PunkLibrarian032102 commented. There’s no denying that the human showered her cat with tender loving care, and it became clingy to her.

“You can only leave when this cute cat decides that you can leave,” Zhansaya18 wrote. The clingy cat seemed determined to hold her mom’s hand forever. Perhaps the mom can only move if she brings the feline wherever she’ll go. If the short clip has given you that warm and fuzzy feeling, you might want to share the post with a loved one. It’s the perfect content to send to your cat parent friend. They might have the same experience that they’d gladly tell in the comment section. Let the world know that felines aren’t always aloof — they are furs of sunshine to their favorite humans.

(OC) I guess I can sit here a little longer..
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