Vets Use Plastic Wrap To Save Dying Dog After She Was Attacked

We all have our bad days, but one little Chihuahua and Maltese mixed breed named Elle was definitely having the worst day ever.

The little dog had been attacked by another dog, and the attack left her with a bite that punctured a two-centimeter hole through her heart and lungs.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Elle’s skin wasn’t pierced during the attack which meant that every breath she took caused her skin to fill up with air. As a result, the tiny dog’s body quickly began to swell. Elle’s emergency meant that she had to get rushed to the veterinary hospital for medical treatment.

The little dog, who was quickly turning into a canine version of the Michelin Man, was treated by a Kirkcaldy Vet Nurse. They knew that they had to get the swelling down, and the only way to do that was to use a form of compressive therapy to stabilize her size and stop the leaking in order to return her to normal size. This compressive therapy meant that the medical staff ended up encasing the small dog in plastic wrap, giving her the appearance of a well-wrapped burrito as they waited for her to stabilize.

Fortunately for Elle, the compressive therapy did what it was supposed to, and two days later, she was ready for surgery in order to fix the internal damage. Thanks to the medical team’s efforts, Elle was able to get back to her normal, happy self!

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