Dog Trapped On Rocky Cliff For 3 Days Was So Weak He Could Barely Life His Head

People heard cries coming from a rocky cliff. They went to check it out and realized it was a dog who had been stuck there for three days.

When they saw him up there, they didn’t even hesitate to risk their lives to save him. When they got to the dog, he was very still and too weak to move. They lifted him up, but all he wanted to do was lie down. Being stuck there for so long without food or water really took a toll on his body. They gave him some water from a water bottle and carried him to safety.

It’s unknown if the dog belonged to someone or if he was a stray, and they aren’t sure how he wound up on the cliff in the first place, but what matters most is that he’s now safe and has found a forever home! He’s an extremely happy pup, and he’s very thankful that he was rescued, as are we! Watch the rescue in the video below:

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