This Clever Little Pooch Figured Out The Perfect Way To Win At Tug-O-War!

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And people say laziness never pays off! Just by watching this video we can see that laziness sometimes does, in fact, has its advantages. This clever pup succeeds in his tug-o-war game by just laying down on the sand and doing nothing, lol. If that doesn’t solidify that being lazy can be a good thing, I don’t know what will! Perhaps that quote by Bill Gates? The one where he says that he will “choose a lazy person for a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” Well, I’m sold. We should all take a page out of this clever little pup’s book, that way we can all win our own games of tug-o-war.

Freddy The 7-Foot-Tall Great Dane: Click “Next” below!

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