This Clever Dog Opens The “Dog-Proof” Container And Enjoys His Food Like He Does This Everyday!

When you have a dog who is obsessed with food and has a tendency to over-eat, sometimes leaving the food in normal food storage is not a good idea if they can help themselves any second they want to. Well, there’s solutions to this problem. Get a dog-proof food container they said…it’ll keep your dog out they said. Well, all dogs except THIS smart pup!!

This dog thinks he’s slick, but doesn’t realize he’s been caught on tape! He wants some food so he takes it upon himself to go up to the food storage container and twist off the top. Of course it’s supposed to be dog-proof, but this clever dog figures out how to get the lid off. He twirls the container top with his mouth and after a few tries, he pulls it right off. After he puts the lid down, he goes right back to eat his food. How can you even be mad at this smart and cute pup?!

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