Dog With Extremely Long Legs Goes Viral For Looking Like A Giraffe

The whole world is Cleo’s runway. The one-and-a-half-year-old Silken Windhound definitely has heads turning whenever she sashays down the street in her Wisconsin neighborhood. Thanks to her very, very long legs and light beige fur, the leggy pooch can’t help but attract attention with her giraffe-like physique.

Her owner, 23-year-old laboratory scientist Clare Puissant, gets quite the kick out of watching her canine companion strut her stuff.

But what makes Puissant laugh the most, is her sitting position of choice. Because she has such long legs, the dog will often cross her legs very much like a human. It apparently is her signature pose – something that makes her quite camera ready. And she definitely has a fan base as a result.

Puissant frequently posts pictures and videos of the adorable dog on her social media accounts, like TikTok and Instagram, under the username @CleoLongLegs.

According to TYLA, Puissant has stated that Cleo loves to relax at home, however, because of her long limbs it always makes her look silly when she’s in a seated position.

TYLA reports that Puissant explained that Cleo is a sweet and loving dog, but she’s also quite goofy. The proud owner shared that she never tires of seeing her funny-looking pup live her best life. And based on the many Instagram posts, there is no doubt.

The long-limbed pooch is often photographed wearing adorable little sweaters and jackets, looking quite fashionable in her posts.

But perhaps the cutest Cleo content are some of the posts below:

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