Why You Should Start Cleaning Your Dog’s Leash

If you have been keeping a running count of all of the different items you are not cleaning frequently enough, then we have something else for you to add to the list. It probably already includes a water bottle, your cell phone, and your pajamas. For those who own a dog, you really ought to consider adding your pet’s leash to the mix.

Readers Digest reports that leashes get dirty quickly and if you can’t seem to recall when you cleaned yours last, then it has been too long since you’ve cleaned it.

It doesn’t matter what you touch on a regular basis, it is going to get soiled quickly and leashes are no different. Using the leash causes microbes and oils from your hands to build up where you touch it most frequently, on the handle. That isn’t even to mention the germs, fur, and saliva from your dog. Add on top of that the dirt and mud from the outside world and you end up with a cocktail of disgusting germs that hang right beside your front door.

Fortunately, it isn’t difficult to see if your leash needs to be cleaned. Just take a close look at it and if it is covered with hair and mud, then a good cleaning is needed. Then again, you should clean the leash at least once a month, even if it isn’t looking horrible.

If you have a nylon or rope leash, put it in hot soapy water and allow it to soak for 10 minutes. You can then rinse the leash and hang it to dry. If you are dealing with a tougher mess or serious stains, you can use a soft nylon brush to scrub it gently. It may also be possible, in some cases, to clean the leash in the washing machine inside of a delicates bag. If you find that your dog’s leash is getting dirty quickly, maybe you should buy a few extra leashes so you don’t have to wash them constantly.

Let’s face it, we have been cleaning and disinfecting our homes like nobody’s business since the coronavirus pandemic started. Why not add something important, both for you and your dog? Clean it regularly and you can both enjoy better health.

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