When This Diving Westie Sees The Swimming Pool, There’s No Stopping Her!

We’ve seen Christy the Westie before in the video when she sees the pool outside her new Florida home and is so excited to jump right in. Well, after all this time, she is still just as excited about her swimming pool! Only this time, she is showing off her moves and putting us all to shame!

She is sitting there with her human while he’s trying to take her bandanna and collar off so that she can go in the pool. But she is so impatient and anxious to jump in that she’s squeaking with high-pitched sounds and overwhelmed with excitement. Finally he gets her collar off and she runs straight for the pool. But instead of jumping in, she dives in. And her dives are a 10 out of 10! She looks like a professional diver; the way she glides in the air into the pool is amazing. She gets out several times just to jump back in! What an adorable little pup. It’s so cute how much she loves swimming!

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