This Dog Got Into Some Trouble. The Evidence? Just Look At Her Face!

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This pup, named Chloe, got into her human’s makeup bag and stole some lipstick. She probably just wanted to look pretty like her mama! She opened the cap to eat some and the lipstick smeared all over her face. She may have missed her lips a little, but she didn’t do too shabby for a dog!

When her human confronted her, Chloe dropped the half-chewed lipstick and backed away. She sat down and stared at her mom with that look of guilt on her face that we all know so well. Not only did the lipstick get on her mouth, but it also made its way to her front paws too. At least she’s pretty in pink! And for those who are worried, lipstick is one of the things on PetPlace’s list of cosmetics and household sundries that won’t hurt your dog if they happen to ingest a little.

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