These Chimps Were Used For Testing And Entertainment For 8 Years. Now They Finally Feel Freedom!

The Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest has been giving a second chance at new lives to chimpanzees that have been used by the entertainment and biomedical testing industries since 2008. The facility is constantly sharing the stories they encounter on their blog. However, this latest footage they have released really show how important their work is. The video below from Little Things shows what the sanctuary used their recent donations on. The facility built a freedom enclosure, which creates a larger space for the chimps to play outside of their cages. Named after the organization’s most generous donors, Karen and Don Young, the enclosure is lovingly named Young’s Hill.

If you think this video is absolutely adorable, you have got to check out Chimpanzee’s Sanctuary Northwest’s blog. Almost everyday they post photos and videos of the chimps whose lives have been changed for the better because of their generosity.

You can get more information about this facility and how you can help at

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