Dog With Broken Legs Abandoned At Vet, But Hope Shows Up At Foster Home

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This dog was dropped off at the vet with severely broken legs. Sadly, her “owners” never came back for her. But her rescuers were determined to help her and would never give up on her.

“We anticipated big medical bills, but one look at that sweet freckled face and we were goners,” said Colby Webb, founder of Say-a-Bull Rescue.

The dog, who they named Chili, was taken care of and then went to live with her foster mom. Now she is just waiting for funding so she can get the surgery she needs so she can walk like a normal dog again.

In the meantime, Chili is enjoying receiving lots of love and cuddles from her foster mom. Her former “owner” clearly did not want her or take care of her, but now she is safe and will be loved for the rest of her life!

Watch her in the video below:

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Animal abuse should never be ignored. If you believe you have witnessed animal abuse, or the tragic result of it, call your local animal control agency, or 9-1-1 in case of an emergency.

According to the Humane Society of the United States, every state has laws prohibiting animal cruelty and all of them contain felony provisions. But laws can only be enforced when violations are reported.

If your area lacks the proper animal welfare agency and your local authorities are not equipped to deal with animal cruelty cases, you can also contact the Humane Society for help.

“Be sure to document the case as well as you can with dates, times, specific details and, if possible, footage and photographs from a cell phone,” HSUS reports. “All of these things can help appropriate agencies during any investigation they may do of the suspected cruelty.”

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