Highway Patrol Officers Shut Down The San Francisco Bay Bridge. The Reason Why? Unbelievable!

A little black Chihuahua was seen on Northern California’s busy Bay Bridge, running across lanes and weaving through traffic. California Highway Patrol temporarily shut down the bridge until they rescued him. But the rescue wasn’t an easy one. Officer Williams stopped traffic while his partner rode on a motorcycle behind the dog for about five to ten minutes. Officer Williams then got the rest of the chase on camera. The dog looked completely terrified and was running as fast as he could. Finally, they were able to corner the pup against the side of the bridge and scoop him up.

The Chihuahua pup was in good health and was wearing a collar with no identification on it. He will be staying with San Francisco Animal Control while they wait for a potential owner to come forward. “Although he failed to pull over and resisted arrest, he won’t be charged,” Officer William said. LOL!

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