This Chihuahua Finds The Perfect Spot To Nap. Don’t Take Your Eyes Off His Bed!

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I can’t fall asleep unless I am in a comfortable bed, but I do know people who can fall asleep anywhere, anytime. And by anywhere, I mean anywhere. Whether it’s the floor, in a movie theater, on a train, or even standing up, there’s plenty of people who can doze off to dreamland with no problem. This Chihuahua, named Piper, finds a very funny, yet cute place to sleep…

Piper found the most comfy, furriest spot of them all: on top of her doggy friend, Spencer. She’s lying completely on top of him by the window, catching some sun, with her back end over his head. I don’t think Spencer appreciates it too much because he lifts his head up and doesn’t look too amused. Their human tells Piper that that isn’t nice to do to Spencer and Piper looks up with her big adorable ears but then puts her head back down. She is clearly too comfy to care! Poor Spencer!

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