She Went Outside To Check On Her Horses. What She Found Is Very Unusual!

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A woman in Elk City, Oklahoma, went out to her barn to check on her horses and found an unusual sight. A chicken was perched on one of the horse’s head! The woman immediately started recording it because she knew no one would believe it. The horse, named Rocky, didn’t seem to mind one bit. He stayed very still while the chicken was on his head. Then the chicken began to walk off his head, down in neck and across his back.

After the chicken got off the horse, he still didn’t leave. He stood on the wood between the two stalls, and even the other horse showed curiosity in the chicken. But the chicken stood by his new BFF’s side. Rocky saw the chicken as his new BFF too, he even began to nuzzle his face up to the chicken! They’re so cute together! Love definitely knows no species, and this certainly proves that!

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