State Attorney’s Latest Hire Doggedly Fights For Justice. She’s Also An Actual Dog.

State attorneys doggedly fight for justice, truth and fairness. That’s why the local office in Cook County, Illinois (the district that encompasses Chicago) just hired a new employee guaranteed to always put people above corporate interests. She’s also a dog.

Illinois State Attorney Kim Foxx tweeted a photo of the 2-year-old black lab, Hatty, placing her paw over a law book during her swearing-in ceremony.

“Coming to this work with compassion and understanding of victims’ experiences helps to ensure the system is fair and just to everyone,” Foxx tweeted. “Hatty was trained to help provide comfort and relaxation while victims are in the courthouse or while they are giving their testimony.”

The pup’s primary responsibility will be supporting child victims of sexual assault, according to Foxx. Hatty, who is expected to handle 150 to 200 cases per year, is also the department’s first canine hire.

But therapy dogs can offer comfort to people of ages, which explains their growing presence in courthouses, classrooms, hospitals, prisons, and nursing homes. Like many therapy dogs, Hatty — a graduate of Duo, a therapy dogs obedience school in St. Louis, Missouri — has been training her entire life for this role.

“A trauma-informed approach begins with understanding the physical, social, and emotional impact of trauma on the individual,” the Cook County State Attorney’s Office tweeted. “We are proud to have a resource like Hatty to provide a source of comfort for victims as they navigate this difficult process.”

Congratulations, Hatty! Best of luck in your new role!

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