This Yorkie Is Quite Possibly The Happiest Pup Ever, But When I Saw His Front Legs I Couldn’t Believe It!

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Chewie, an adorable little Yorkie, was found at a park in Orange County, California. Both of his front legs were fractured and were most likely like that for weeks. It is unknown how he wound up at the park, but it’s suspected that his family couldn’t afford to fix his legs, so they left him at the park instead of being brought to a shelter.

Thankfully, Chewie was found by the OC Animal Care and brought in to get the care he needed. Since it would cost a lot of money to fix him, OCAC used their Noble Friends Foundation to raise enough money for his surgery and rehabilitation. After the surgery, Chewie was put in casts, but the smile never left his face. He was just as sweet as he was when he was found. Watch him in the video below, running around and acting like a normal dog, despite his fractured legs. Chewie now lives with a loving family in Huntington Beach. Thank you OC Animal Care for saving this cute little pup!

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