Flies Swarmed Around Her Dying Body But Rescuers Wouldn’t Think Of Giving Up

Imagine seeing a dog like this, on the street all alone, with flies swarming around her dying body. It’s beyond heartbreaking! Many people, in the poor village in India, just walked passed her. Her mange was so bad that her skin looked like barnacles.


But… her rescuers saw beyond that. They saw a dog that deserved a second chance at life. A dog that deserved treatment and a nice place to live. Catching her was a little scary. They had to use a large net to ensure that she wouldn’t get away. But once that tiny trauma was over, they were able to bring her to Animal Aid Unlimited headquarters to give her the proper medical treatment she deserved!


With injections for pain and infection, her skin began to heal. Next step… bath time! The warm water and special medicated soap felt so good on her skin. Treating mange isn’t easy. It requires dedication and patience but her rescuers have plenty of both. They gave her a special name too, Cherry!


Cherry has a long way to go but her journey can finally be one filled with hope and love, thanks to people who will NEVER give up on her.

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