Chef Cooks Gourmet Three-Course Thanksgiving Meal For Shelter Pets, Every Year

While most Thanksgiving traditions involve preparing food for friends and family, chef Malik’s tradition is to cook a gourmet, three-course meal for shelter pets.

The idea to cook for shelter pets came after he adopted a tiny white dog named Cannoli around the holidays. He thought about all the dogs and cats alone in the kennels and wanted to do something special for them.

Photos: Instagram/cannoli_the_brave

“Them alone while we celebrate with friends and family did not sit well with me,” Malik told The Dodo.

Cannoli now has his own Instagram page that allows followers to see all his adventures and promotes the upcoming feast. “Papa is doing the 5th annual Thanksgiving for the homeless animals at the shelter. The shelter is at capacity. Doing this event every year has brought a lot of awareness and we had donations along with rescues in need!”

Photos: Facebook/
City of Buffalo Animal Shelter

Chef Malik Von Saint will once again prepare a gourmet meal for all the dogs and cats at City of Buffalo Animal Shelter in Buffalo, New York. Each pet will receive their Thanksgiving meal on Monday, November 25 from 4pm-6pm.

The shelter posted, “Once again Chef Malik (of the Grange Community Kitchen in Hamburg) will be cooking a gourmet, three course dinner for our dogs and cats. (Courses will be served as they are prepared, so it’s hard to say an exact time.) Stop by to just watch the animals enjoy, grab us an item from our wish list and maybe find your new best friend!”

Photo: Facebook/
City of Buffalo Animal Shelter

In years past, the three-course meal has included dishes with names that make dogs drool and cats meow. Dishes like Squirrel Tare-Tare and Bird’s Nest were some featured on last year’s menu. This year’s menu will be:
Course 1
Duck Liver Dumpling
(in Butternut Squash dough/ steamed with organic chicken stock/ garnished with grass oil and one blade of raw grass)

Course 2
Lavender Glazed Australorp
(Roasted Braeburn Apple, Butternut squash, Toddler Roasted Fennel bulbs, and pickled grass)

Course 3
Duck Heart Ice cream
(With Duck Feet cracklings)

Course 1:
Seaweed Crackers
(With smoked tapioca muscle pearls,
Garnished with dehydrated Uni, Cat Nip)

Course 2:
Smoked Kayko
(Infused with Cat nip, Negi and light Shio Koji)

Course 3:
Flourless Cat Nip mini Cup Cake”.

All the ingredients are pet safe and nutritious.

Photo: Facebook/
City of Buffalo Animal Shelter

The shelter will be open to the public for adoptions and they encourage people to come watch Chef Malik serve up some delectable dishes. Nearly 50 dogs and cats will be enjoying the feast and hope to catch the eye of a loving family.

Swayze, a young male pit bull, is one of the dogs that is looking for a forever home. He promises you will have the time of your life if you adopt him. He is a happy and goofy pup that would love to join your family.

Photos: Facebook/
City of Buffalo Animal Shelter

If cats are more your speed, then meet Charlene. She is a striking three-year-old tabby that loves to cuddle and is absolutely purrfect.

Cannoli happily reported, “The good news is other cities have picked this up as well.” Philadelphia and Louisville are just two of the cities that have started a similar tradition. Hopefully, more people around the country will give it a try.

This time of year is about giving back and being thankful for what we have. Consider starting a holiday tradition that gives back to shelter animals, just like Malik did. Together we can make a difference.

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Andrea Powell is an animal enthusiast who resides in West Michigan. When not writing, she is exploring the great outdoors with her dogs and horses.
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