This Yorkie Is 8 Pounds Of Cute And Helps Bring Smiles To Kids’ Faces Who Need It Most!

Cheeto, an eight-pound Yorkie, may be small, but she has a HUGE heart. She spends her time as a therapy dog, visiting children’s hospitals and putting smiles on sick kids’ faces.


Diane Weber got Cheeto several years ago, and the two have been inseparable ever since. Since Cheeto was so great with the neighborhood kids, Weber decided to put her through pet therapy school where she was trained to be a therapy dog.

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Since then, Cheeto has helped veterans, children, and even students during exam time. But her favorite place to be is Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. There, she sits on the beds with the kids and allows them to play with her, pet her and shake hands with her. She is trained to give them kisses on their hands, but not their faces.


Aside from helping the patients at the hospital, Cheeto is also there for the doctors. She spends time in the doctors’ lounge with them, helping them relieve stress.

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“Pet therapy is a powerful way to help get kids through tough things,” Volunteer Services Supervisor Megan Hughes told USA Today. “When a dog visits, the mood changes. Kids start to relax. You can see the anxiety drop away.”

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