These Cheetah Cubs Lost Their Mom At Birth, But Now They Have An Adopted One And It’s Too Cute!

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Willow, a 5-year-old cheetah at the Cincinnati Zoo was not feeling well following the C-section birth of her premature cubs. She was lethargic and had no appetite, but zoo staff thought she would recover. Unfortunately she passed away due to the difficult birth, but if a C-section had not been done, then the mother nor the cubs would have survived. Thankfully all five cubs are healthy and doing great.

The cubs have been bottle-fed since they were born, but now the zoo has brought in another little helper for the cubs, an Australian Shepherd dog named Blakely. Since he’s a male, he isn’t nursing the cubs, but his job is still very important. He lets the cubs climb on him which helps give them exercise to build muscle tone and get their guts moving. These are the first animals that Blakely has helped. In the past, he has been a “nanny” to another cheetah cub, a fox, a warthog, and an ocelot!

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