Thought to have been bred in a monastery in the French Alps, the Charteux cat is well known for being an excellent mouser. The true origins of this beautiful cat are a bit blurred, but legends say that their origins reach as far back as the Crusades when Crusading knights returned home to retire, bringing along with them some of the spoils of their battles with the Turks, including these blue-colored cats from the coasts of Africa.


The monks are said to have bred the Chartreux cats because they needed to rid their monastery of vermin and were looking for quiet cats that would not disturb their meditation. Unfortunately, World War II was responsible for wiping out a fair number of this breed, as it was for so many other breeds. The few remaining Charteux cats were bred with Persians, Russian Blues and British Shorthairs.

Skinny legs and a stock body, along with the grey-blue coat of these cats make them easily identifiable as Chartreux. They are robust cats with an incredible agility that is surprising given their stocky body type. They love to hunt and are very good at hunting down mice, rats, and other common vermin that can plague a household or property.


With a great intelligence, the Chartreux cat is not an exceptionally vocal cat, but does enjoy playing with other cats and with their human companions. They also swiftly learn their name and tend to come when called. Great little cuddle cats, the Chartreux cat is a much beloved companion, especially with those who may have unwanted mice around the house.

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