Family Helped Make Their Dying Dog’s Wish Come True On Her Final Day

Charlie may be a dog, but to the Navid family she is much more. She is family and their best friend. They got her when she was a puppy, and she’s made her mark in their hearts ever since.

Charlie was there for the good days and the bad. She sat by her human mom Penny’s side when she had breast cancer and would lick her bald head to comfort her as she went through chemotherapy. She could sense that something wasn’t right, and she wanted to be there to help.

Now, they had to be there for Charlie the same way Charlie had been there for them. They were sadly informed by their veterinarian that Charlie had a tumor in her brain and would need to be put down so she wouldn’t suffer.

But before they said their goodbyes, they wanted to give Charlie one last memorable day. Although Charlie was an extremely sweet dog, her human dad Kevin always thought she’d make a dog police dog.

For her last day, they took her for a burger and ice cream, and then a rib-eye steak for dessert. While walking through the park, they came across Jim Bryan, a Denton Police Officer. They shared Charlie’s story with him, and the two took a picture together.

“I don’t think it was a coincidence he was there. We are believers in this family,” Kevin told KXVA.
The police department then shared the photo on Facebook, calling Charlie its newest K-9 officer.
“When I saw those photos I just thought there is my Charlie. She’s a K-9 officer all these years later,” Kevin said.

After Charlie’s last day with his family, he was sadly put to rest. But at least his final moments were filled with lots of food and love, and he was even honored as an officer!

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