Rescue Horse With A Rare Form Of Dwarfism Is Smaller Than The Family Dog

We sometimes hear that birds of a feather flock together and we may see this in certain families. That is sure to be what you see when you look at this little horse, who lives with a family full of dogs.

Although there are some significant differences between dogs and horses, they get along beautifully. Chanel, the horse, became a part of the family shortly after she was born. She was born with a type of dwarfism and the birth mother rejected her.

After the rejection took place, Josh Dolan and Jenn Strible were contacted. They are the founders of the foundation that rescues miniature horses, The Peeps Foundation. After agreeing to take care of the horse, she became a part of the family right away.

Dolan and Strible are now taking care of Chanel along with her siblings, including Huckleberry, a Labrador retriever. Huckleberry did his part to make sure that she felt like a part of the family.

When you look at Chanel alongside Huckleberry and her other siblings, it is quite a sight to see. She is a lot smaller than the rest, but they have a great time every day. Enjoy these pictures:

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