His Hind Legs May Not Work But This Special Goat Is Still Full Of Energy And Full Of Love!

Champ was born with his hind legs twisted over his back. In many cases like his, he would have been put down but NO ONE is giving up on this sweet goat! And Champ is never giving up on loving those around him.


With physical therapy, and lots of kisses, Champ is getting better and better. He is able to use a wheelchair now. With his new wheels, this little guy can’t stop movin’! He loves meeting new friends. Seriously, could you meet Champ and not fall in love with him? Me either!


According to his human, Sarah Ericson, “Champ is loving, energetic, sassy at times and fiercely loyal.”

While Champ loves going on adventures to meet other animals and other people, he also loves his down time with his mama, because cuddles are the best!

Champ is also being trained to be a therapy animal, which is pretty great since Champ brings lots of joy to those around him. With each head butt, and little bleat, this goat is making the world a better place.

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