Senior Dog Spent 15 Years Chained Up Outside House. When He Sees His Rescuers, He’s So Relieved

A 15-year-old black lab mix had spent his entire life tethered to a doghouse outside a Long Island, New York home. The senior dog had been chained up like that since he was a puppy, and never knew any other kind of life.

A concerned neighbor called up Guardians of Rescue, an animal rescue group, and alerted them about the poor dog, who was chained up outside regardless of the weather. Volunteers from the rescue group rushed to the scene, where they saw the elderly dog sitting there all alone. But it’s like the dog knew that they were there to save him, and it was probably the first time he’s gotten attention in a long time. He wagged his tail and was ecstatic to see them! Usually dogs on a chain are scared and protective, but this dog was very friendly and eager for a second chance.

And that’s exactly what he got! Guardians of Rescue was able to persuade the dog’s owner to surrender him. They convinced him that it was the right thing to do. They named the dog Bear, and got him started on his new journey.

He received medical care, was dewormed, bathed, and is now living at Save-A-Pet shelter on Long Island and is cleared for adoption. Bear would match best with a kind older couple who may have other dogs.

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