Cesky Terrier

The Cesky Terrier is a small game hunting dog breed known for its hardworking nature and loyal attributes. This dog breed originated in the Czech Republic and was very popular throughout this region. The Cesky Terrier was developed so that it may work in packs. The Cesky Terrier has a long silky coat which can be a wide array of colors including platinum, gray and charcoal. It weighs around 16 to 22 pounds and stands approximately 10 to 13 inches high at the shoulder.
Even though the Cesky Terrier is a working dog by nature, it is also a loving family member as well. The Cesky Terrier is sociable with its family members but is reserved with strangers. It is a good idea to give this dog breed plenty of exercise and make sure that there is a secured area for it to run around within, such as a fenced-in yard. One will also find that the Cesky Terrier likes to dig so it may leave some markings throughout the yard from time to time.
This dog breed is one which needs a good amount of grooming. The coat on the Cesky Terrier is long and silky, which means that brushing a few times a week is the best way to keep the dog breed well-groomed and looking nice. A professional grooming visit now and again will help with the proper grooming maintenance of the Cesky Terrier.
Whether you are searching for a Cesky Terrier as a small game hunting dog or to have as a companion in the home, this dog breed will fit well within either category. Just make sure that if you have a Cesky Terrier in the home that you provide this dog breed with a good amount of daily exercise and try to teach it to be more sociable with others outside of the family.

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