People Left Behind 13 Tortoises When They Fled From A Wildfire. You’ll Never Guess Who Rescued Them!

We all know Cesar Millan as “The Dog Whisperer,” but now he’s whispering something else: tortoises! Millan has been rescuing helpless animals after a massive wildfire north of Los Angeles forced thousands of people to evacuate, and destroyed 18 houses. Millan is looking after a bunch of tortoises, 13 to be exact, who each way at least 100 pounds each! They all need a place to stay after their owners abandoned them when they fled the wildfire, so Millan is keeping them at his animal training compound which is just ten miles away from where the fire was. He heard about these abandoned animals through social media, and knew he had to do something to save them. He has now taken in more than 100 animals including goats, sheep and donkeys. Millan joked and says for now on he will be called “The Tortoise Whisperer.”

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