These Cats Tried To Be Hamsters…Then Realized It’s MUCH Harder Than It Looks! ;)

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These cats finished eating and saw the giant wheel sitting in their house. So why not take full advantage of it and burn some calories with exercise? I have to give them credit, because they looked much more willing to exercise than I ever do. One cat got onto the wheel, and a few seconds later, the other one followed. Hamsters do this all the time, it can’t be too hard, right? Wrong! And one cat finds out the hard way.

The first cat gets on the wheel and starts to run to get it going. Then the other cat follows suit and makes it go a little faster. The third cat tries multiple times to get on, but fails each time as it’s already spinning too quickly. With the two cats running on it, the wheels begins spinning super fast. It makes me dizzy and tired just watching them. Eventually they are sprinting full speed until one cat can’t keep up any more and face plants. Then the wheel slows down and the other cat gets off. I think they finally realized that this hamster business is much harder than it looks!

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