When This Family Of Cat Eats, Listen To The Adorable Noises That Come Out Of Them!

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We use the words “Om Nom Nom” as a sort of onomatopoeia to express eating. But these cats make the sounds come to life! Each clip shows cats or kittens eating their food while letting out long “nom nom nom” sounds. You can tell they’re really enjoying their food! But it isn’t just the cats in this video that make these sounds; apparently the majority of cats do!

Whether it’s tiny food, from a bottle, off a spoon, in a bowl, or with their family, these cats nom-nom away! Cats are very vocal animals, and communicate with us with their body language, behavior and vocalizations. So this can be their way of saying that they are hungry and are really enjoying their dinner. Take it as a compliment! Either that, or they’re telling you to keep your hands of their food because it’s alllllll theirs and they’re not sharing! Lol!

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